This KINDAHOLIC found strength in kindness

In this KINDAHOLIC interview, we sit down with triathlete, mother of twins and pancreatic cancer survivor, Molli Serrano, to learn about how kindness helps her not only survive but also thrive in the face of her challenges.

KIND: Molli, as a triathlete, mother of twins, and survivor of pancreatic cancer, we truly believe you are superwoman! What and/or who has inspired you to stay positive and strong in the face of challenge?

Molli: My husband Juan and my love of triathlons have both kept me positive and strong while battling pancreatic cancer. Following my diagnosis, Juan assured me that I was going to win my battle and uplifted me every day. Meanwhile, my love of triathlons kept me focused on continuing to train even when I was undergoing chemotherapy. In short, I refused to let cancer keep me from doing the things that I loved.

KIND: At KIND, our mission is to inspire unexpected acts of kindness around the world as part of our KIND Movement. Could you share an example of how someone else’s unexpected act of kindness has impacted you?

Molli: While I live in South Florida fulltime, my surgery was scheduled to take place in New York City. As I prepared to leave my comfort zone, a friend surprised me with a much unexpected act of kindness by offering my family the use of her beautiful apartment, which was located only a few blocks from both my hospital and Central Park. I had met this friend only once prior to this relocation, making her selfless act all the more moving. It meant so much to me for her to open up her home at a time when I was feeling very uprooted.

KIND: As a triathlete, being KIND to your body is critical to keeping you strong and energized. How do you show your body kindness through your health and wellness routine?

Molli: Being KIND to your body is always imperative! Following my surgery, it was particularly important for me to make mindful decisions about what I chose to eat and to focus on consuming foods like KIND that would give me the vitamins and nutrients that my body needed (and needs!) to stay strong.

KIND: With November being Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, what did you do this past month to spread awareness and how can our readers get involved – maybe even through a simple act of kindness?

Molli: This past month, I proudly took part in the Purple Stride South Florida 5K Run/Walk to raise money for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network – a nationwide network of KIND-hearted people dedicated to bringing much-needed kindness to those affected by pancreatic cancer. Last year I did the run while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation and this year I completed the race with a clean bill of health!

Everyone can do their part to bring attention to this cause and even a small act of kindness – like wearing purple and telling someone why – can help raise awareness!

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