Winding up the year with KINDNESS

Our community’s efforts to help victims of Hurricane Sandy didn’t slow down our planned KINDING Mission for December.  In fact, we received so many touching stories about how individuals showed support to someone who serves that it was difficult to choose our favorites.  Even better, because so many people accepted the KINDING Mission, we are able to fly home soldiers to spend the holidays with their families.


Thank you to our entire community for making this BIG KIND Act a reality by accepting the KINDING Mission and sharing stories conveying how you carried it out.  Here are some especially moving stories and as a token of our appreciation, we’ll be sending KIND Cubes to the KINDAHOLICS who submitted these:


“I helped an old veteran with his groceries at the super market.”
- Rossana R.


“I have a friend whose husband is medically retired from the Marines. They are waiting for his disability. I have given them gifts cards and given money to them to help them make ends meet.”
- Laure E.


“I don’t have a lot of money and live on a semi fixed income right now so, I don’t get to do all the things I dream of doing to help our troops and wounded warriors, homeless, and everyone who needs it so I pray.I pray day and night for our troops for the men and women who has served and who is serving now. And I always thank any soldier for their service that I come in contact with and that goes a long way most seem to really enjoy that.”
-Jenn D.


“I went to shutterfly and created a card to send to the troops!!!”

-Melissa H.


“As a disabled veteran myself, I visit area nursing homes to socialize with the last members of the greatest generation-WWII veterans, who we are losing daily. They often have no family that visits them so they appreciate the time spent immensely.”

-Robert M.


“We share our home for the holidays (or any other meals really) with single sailors or other families from our command that have no where else to go, or who would just like a good, homemade meal and company.”

-Jennifer B.


“I sent a “care box” to several soldiers that are overseas. I would do it every day if I had the funds to do so! How can we EVER thank them enough for what they do and sacrifice for us and our country? Pay it forward…..”
- Kellye T.


“This is my brother CPO Kevin Hogan. He is my hero. He is kind, funny, caring, and dependable. He is a constant example of Courage, Honor, and Integrity. During his last deployment to Camp Phoenix I decided that he needed to be reminded that his sacrifice was noticed. I made dozens of cookies every month for him and his fellow sailors. When Christmas rolled around I had everyone I know send him cards. Some even sent him goodie boxes, as did I. He always passed out whatever he got, further proving his character. We were so lucky to get him back. My prayers still go out to those who weren’t so lucky, and those who still serve. This year I will still be packing goodie boxes, but this time for complete strangers. Hoping that I can put a smile on the face of someone else’s brother or sister.”

-Crystal A.


“I am the mom of a veteran. I collected cards and sent a box of them to a soldier returning from Afghanistan. Melanie wanted to shower her husband Gary with cards thanking him for his service and welcoming him home. I also collected stories from moms of soldiers. The book is titled: Love You More Than You Know Mothers’ Stories About Sending Their Sons and Daughters to War (Gray & Co., Publishers 2009, eBook 2012)  I write the blog sharing stories of our military heroes and ways to thank them for their service.”
- Janie R.


“My brother is overseas with the Army. I sent a care package and have provided his address for several schools who have asked for a contact to send holiday cards to and have asked my brother to have himself, and other soldiers to share the kindness and send letters and pictures back to the schools that are sending cards to him. The kids LOVE getting letters from the soldiers as much as the soldiers love getting the childrens’ letters. In addition, I hosted a surprise party for my brother in law’s return with the AF from overseas.”
- Lisa N.

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