KINDAHOLICS unite to benefit children in Child Advocacy Centers

This month, Mariska Hargitay and her foundation Joyful Heart joined the ranks of KINDAHOLICS. Because so many KINDAHOLICS pledged to lend support to a parent or caregiver,  KIND will deliver healing kits to hundreds of children being protected at Child Advocacy Centers across the country for their first nights away from home.  We could not have made this important BIG KIND Act possible without your help and more exciting news is that behind the numbers are moving stories about how KINDAHOLICS carried out the KINDING Mission.

Below are some of the most compelling stories this month and as a token of our appreciation, we will be sending KIND Cubes to each of the following story sharers. Thank you to all KINDAHOLICS who made this month’s mission a success!


I will help parents of children with autism and other disabilities understand the diagnosis and find healthy ways to cope with the challenges of raising a child with a disability.

-Kristin A.


Helped my 80 year old Uncle who has no family of his own move out of a bad part of town and only a block from us so that he has someone close by to help him out with things when need. Also, I try to give back as much as I can by periodically donating proceeds to different charity’s from sales from my small business.

- Chris D.


My niece comes to my house every day after school and I provide healthy meals and a safe place for her to be until my sis can pick her up.

-Tiffany B.


I cooked meals for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House with their sick children. Their strength is such an inspiration.

- Brittany W.


I went with my friend to the hospital when she was in labor and stayed with her after delivery because she doesn’t have any family with her.  I went to visit her at home and I am calling her all the time to check on her and the baby.

-Aboali A.


I was at the local pharmacy recently and a man was there with his obviously sick 3 or 4 year old daughter. Her medicine was 86.00 and he did not have enough to pay for it.

He was asking how much a days worth was. They looked like they did not have much but you could tell he loved his little girl. I just slipped my debit card to the pharmacist and motioned for him to put her medicine on it. I didn’t want him to know who paid for the medicine but the people in the pharmacy knew and said they could not believe how nice it was. That 86.00 I spent has made me happier than any money I have spent in a long time. We do not have much extra and have been hit hard by the economy but we have a roof over our heads and food on the table so I am thankful. It just came at a time when I had a bit extra on me. It went to a better cause than I would have used it for.

-Cynthia P.


I had a friend going thru a hard time – I asked him what I could do to help and he said he wanted to get the boys in school and then see what else he needed to do. I had clothes

from my grandsons – totes of clothes new with tags – I gave him 8-9 totes of clothes for his boys. Some for him too!!! We all need a helping hand from time to time.

-Cynthia S.


I hosted basic computer and troubleshooting classes for seniors. It gave us all a great chance to bond and fix technology issues that had been causing user frustration. So

a win win for all!

- Heidi M


An institutionalized person without family lost his slippers recently, and was doing without a clock radio that someone accidentally broke about a year ago. I replaced both items, and it seemed to cheer the person up, despite the pain of serious illness. I invite anyone who knows of a sick person without regular family support to think about a loving gesture they can make, that might give some relief or even joy or pleasure. Often a visit or phone call can make a big difference. Often in the face of enormous need we are tempted to do nothing, but the discrepancy between the need and our ability to meet it need not stop us from doing the little bit we can.

- Elisabeth P.


Called a single mother friend of mine today just to see how she was doing and if there was anything she needed, she asked for a ride to the store so I took her, and since I know money is tight at the end of the month, I’m planning on bringing over some food for dinner tomorrow.

- Neonta S.










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