Just KINDING Around

September’s simple KINDING Mission- to go out of your way to make someone feel special- yielded a variety of creative ways that our community was able to Do the KIND Thing! Because so many KINDAHOLICS made someone feel special by letting them know that they were thinking of them, we’ll be hosting birthday parties for homeless children.

The kindness of our community has once again helped us to make a BIG KIND Act happen for those in need. Each person who brightened another’s day was integral in this month’s success, and below are some great examples of how individual KINDAHOLICS made this mission their own. In appreciation of their creativity and heartwarming acts of kindness, we’ll be sending each of these KINDAHOLICS a KIND Cube to continue spreading the kindness!

I visited with my grandfather today at the nursing home and let him know that I love him and that he is being so strong and getting better everyday!
- Amy Y.

I helped my son make a card for his grandmother that said he loves her with his hand print on it.
- Bianca R.

I sent a card thanking a friend for being the beautiful person she is.
- Chris L.

I am sending someone a card this week. This person is going through a rough time and needs to know people are thinking of them.
- Gretchen H.

I drive weekly to Southbend IN. On my last trip I stopped at a grocery store on my way home. There was a woman standing outside the store. I overheard her asking an employee where the pickup was for the city bus. The worker stated that the closest stop was about 2 blocks up. Mind you, the woman was VERY pregnant and carrying 4-5 bags of groceries in her arms. I walked up and said that I couldn’t help but overhear. I asked where she was needing to go and it wad about 15-20 blocks up. I offered her a ride to her destination. The woman tried giving me money for gas and I refused saying that it wasnt necessary. I just wanted to help! She had tears in her eyes as she said that the world needed more kindhearted people such as myself. It made my heart swell!
- Causha H.

I was in line at the store and this woman kept getting her cards declined and didn’t have any cash to pay for her item’s. She had two toddlers with her and a newborn baby and was buying formula, diapers and food for her family and I just kept looking at her children and thinking about my own at home and how there have been time’s that we have struggled and at the time we where not struggling at all we where actually doing great better than we have ever done and I knew that I could cover her stuff and my own and it was not going to hurt us at all so I told the cashier to add her stuff to mine that I was going to be covering it and the lady told me I didn’t have to do that and I just smiled and said I know but I want to so just say thank you and she just smiled and laughed and said I will do one better and gave me this huge hug of relief and said thank you so much you don’t know what this mean’s to me and I than began to smile and said yes actually I do I have been there I know.
- Morgan R. D.

This month I sent a card to my Nanny to let her know how much I love and admire her. She has always been the backbone of the family and has made it her mission to dispense endless amounts of love to her children & grandchildren. As a food-lover, she’s taught be how to craft my go-to tomato sauce recipe and is my favorite cookbook reading companion. I’m hoping that card shows her how much I care about her.
- Kristi K.

At the store, the lady in front of me didn’t have enough money for her groceries, so I gave her the extra $7.00 so she didn’t have to put something back.
- Pam G.

I had my daughters help me in picking out some small party favors and toys at our local Dollar Tree, we added a roll of
Birthday paper and a couple balloons and took them to our local Domestic Violence shelter for a little girl who was going to have her birthday while her and her mother stayed at the shelter escaping abuse from her Mother’s boyfriend. My 7yr old also wrote her a note to tell her never to think the abuse was her fault and that she would always have a friend to talk to if she needed one. That in itself was enough to make me cry. Thank you for the idea, it made us feel great to help!!!
- Darla D.

My brother is out of work and is now living in some tough quarters. He does not have internet and is unable to complete some of his job searches due to this. I decided to mail him an extra smart phone I had and paid to add internet to his new phone which has now allowed for him to complete job applications and respond to some he had in his email. He
now has an interview today!
- Tara L.

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