KINDING Straight Through August

While KINDAHOLICS all over the globe hit the beaches and enjoyed the sun, they still managed to find time for kindness.  August started off with a bang as KINDAHOLICS donated items to shelters across the country, in turn making a BIG KIND Act happen.  Thanks to your kindness, our team will be delivering school uniforms to children who would otherwise not be able to afford them.

We are thankful for our entire community’s kindess, and have chosen 10 great stories of how KINDAHOLICS took this mission and made it their own.  Thank you to all story sharers and specifically to the sharers of the following 10 stories who will be receiving a KIND Cube as a token of our appreciation!


My daughters and I have been doing a “clean sweep” of our house.  We have donated numerous items to various local charities.  We have also gone through our pantry and donated three bags of food to our local food bank.  It feels good to give to those less fortunate and it feels good to lessen the clutter in our house.
-  Faith B.

I recently went shopping with my girlfriend for clothes I “needed.”  we decided that if I got 5 new articles of clothing she would donate 5 things from her closet, and I would do the same.  So now, I look more stylish and my local HelpingHand has some excellent T-shirts I begrudgingly but happily gave!
- David A.

My daughter has more clothes than she needs so I had her go through her closet & put aside anything she won’t wear again & they will go to someone in need.
-Renae H.

My son, who is 4 years old, and I go through all his toys a few times a year and donate all of them to our local Hope Ministries place.  They then give the items to families who can’t afford such things for themselves :)
- Jennie B.

My fiance and I cleaned out our closets and donated bags of clothing to the local Salvation Army.  It was in great shape, we just did not need that much clothing.
- Natalia B.

I use coupons and shop the back to school supply super sales.  When I go, we always buy extra and donate it to the local charities that help the homeless families in our community.  It’s also a great way to involve my kids and teach them how important it is to take care of one another!
-  Erica S. Y.

When my kids outgrow their uniforms from school I bag them up and give them to our neighbor with kids small enough to wear them awhile longer.  Sometimes I put new ones in too, just to help the family out.  It feels good to help someone else, and it helps my kids learn how important it is to help others who may not have life as easy as we do.
- Becky G.

Last week my girlfriend and I saw a man on the side of the road asking for clothes food and a haircut and more to help him get back on track.  I went home and packed an old bag with some dress clothes.  Shoes and socks, a hat and belt were not spared.  We also bought a gift card for the barbershop.  To top it off we included a KIND bar and a gallon of water.  Not because we wanted to feel better, we wanted him to feel better.  On Sundays we usually go buy antiques in the hill country and have lunch.  That day we decided to spread the KIND message.  Much better use of time and resources.
- Andrew A.

I had my five kids go thru all their closests sorting out clothing and toys that they no longer used.  We got together a HUGE donation to take down our local “thrift store” that sells the items and gives 100% of the proceeds to an area Women’s/Children’s Shelter.  My kids actually enjoyed being able to give their toys to kids that may not have any.  It was a wonderful experience for our family.  We plan on doing our “closet clean-out” several times a year now.
-  Tammy S.

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