Kindness in July

To many people, July means barbeques and fireworks, but to us, July is synonymous with kindness.  This month, we asked our community to share their secret to success with someone that they believe in and we saw an incredible response from KINDAHOLICS across the country.  Thanks to our community’s kindness, our team will be delivering suits and career counseling to women seeking employment.

Here are a few great stories of KINDAHOLICS who shared their secret to success with someone who they believe in.  To thank these KINDAHOLICS, we’ll be sending each one a KIND Cube so that they can enjoy the fruits (and nuts!) of their kindness.


Spoke with young college alum at an alumni event, worked through employment struggles with a friend.

I have mentored several post college grads into a career in cancer clinical research and helped them get a job by coaching them on interview skills and sharing my network with them to get them hired.

My Mom has been stuck in a really tough job for a while now and has really been trying to change. She was nervous about the whole process and wasn’t sure where to get started so I gave her some advice that I try to follow when I get stuck and feel like I can’t move in a direction. I told her to make a change, any change whether it be big or small. But if you make one small change, the bigger ones get easier to tackle.

It’s a hard world out there and a lot of competition for new nurses. I like to encourage the new graduate nurses looking to get a start in the emergency field. If they have the right attitude toward nursing they will make it. No matter what others say, they just need to believe in themselves.

Very simple: learn to pick your battles, stick up for yourself (you are your best advocate), and try not to burn bridges.

My secret to success is never giving up. When faced with an obstacle (like not getting the first choice job I applied for), I accepted another job to get more experience, and 2 years later, when a similar job with the same employer became available, I again applied and then this time was hired!

Mine is not a story.. just a few words of wisdom. Remember, if you do not ask- the answer is always no. Remember that success is attained through persistence. The old sales adage remains true today to get one yes, you have to get past 100 no’s, so each ‘no’ brings you one step closer to the ‘yes’ you are looking for. And finally, success is measured in terms of happiness, not money!

My best friend has been looking for employment and she is unable to find any. I just try to keep her spirits up and tell her something will come along soon. She is very talented and someone soon will see that. Keep the faith.

“successful” brings up an image of a college graduate with a posh job, a good car and a nice house. None of that describes me, but I am financially secure and happy with my life. I recently helped a young woman who was struggling with her job and her home life. I shared stories of my past struggles, including my mistakes and bad decisions. It encouraged her to know that someone else had faced similar problems. She shared more details of her current struggles and I was able to help her in some areas. Sometimes people just need to know that they are not facing the world alone.

I told my little brother who is struggling with finding out what he is good at that it doesn’t matter how many different things you try and find out you’re no good at, you only fail when you give up trying.



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