KINDAHOLIC and pro surfer, Will Tant, reminds us what it means to DO the KIND Thing.

This month’, we sit down with professional surfer, KIND fan and inspirational model of what it means to Do the KIND Thing. 

Will, as a pro surfer, what does it mean to you to Do the KIND Thing for your body?

  • Doing the KIND thing for my body means taking care of it. As a professional athlete, I am constantly pushing the physical limits of my body and need to eat the proper foods in order to do so. It’s when I choose nutritional foods that I am able to perform at my best.

When did you first discover KIND and when do you find yourself reaching for KIND most?

  • I travel a lot, so I first discovered KIND in an airport. It stood out to me because the ingredients were simple and natural and I was particularly surprised to see whole macadamias and almonds in a bar. Most bars dice these up to the point that I can’t even recognize them – not KIND!

I reach for KIND all throughout the day: I’ll toss a few in my bag to hold me over before lunch, snack on one later in the day before dinner, or occasionally eat one right before bed — especially the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew + Antioxidants.

Do you have a favorite way to eat your KIND?

  • For breakfast, I like to pair my KIND with fruit smoothies. I also sprinkle KIND Healthy Grains on top of Greek yogurt with diced bananas, strawberries and a drizzle of honey to top it off.

At KIND, we try to make the world a little kinder through all we do and how we do it. Who or what inspires you to be kind?

  • There is so much that inspires me to be kind. Many of my friends are involved in humanitarian work throughout the world, and their work is a constant source of inspiration. One of the ways I work to spread kindness is through my Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Classic, which KIND helps support each year.

A very KIND thanks to Will Tant for joining us as this month’s KINDAHOLIC. To learn more about him and how he stays KIND, check out his site at

Do you have uncontrollable love for KIND and spreading kindness? You could be a KINDAHOLIC too! Share your story at or on facebook!



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