KIND Words and Cookies for Cody

It’s never too late to do something KIND – specifically for 4-year-old Cody Brasich, who has been in a year-long battle with neuroblastoma – a rare cancer that attacks the nervous system and is unfortunately most commonly diagnosed in children and infants under the age of five.

Cody has been receiving treatment in hospitals all across the United States and just recently discovered, after completely fighting off the cancer, that it has aggressively returned – meaning there are no further treatment options for Cody at this time.

At KIND, we not only believe in miracles but we believe in the healing power of KINDNESS.  As Cody continues his journey and fight with cancer, we want to encourage our community’s involvement and support by sending KIND notes and words to Cody and his family at

In addition, Cody’s aunt, blogger and recipe guru, Stephanie Weaver, is hosting an online bake sale & cookbook auction entitled “Cookies for Cody” to help financially support his family as they have incurred an unseemly amount of debt paying for Cody’s healthcare expenses.

We hope you will join us in support of Cody and his family by sending KIND words to the above email address and taking part in “Cookies for Cody” at

Remember, the smallest acts of kindness can truly make the biggest differences.

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