KIND Special Investigation: Anna Maltby, SELF’s Associate Health Editor

KIND Special Investigation: Anna Maltby, SELF’s Associate Health Editor

(Brought to you by KIND’s very own Diet P.I. and the savviest RD we know, Heather K. Jones)

Anna Maltby is SELF magazine’s associate health editor, covering sleep, sex and everything in between, as well as contributing to SELF’s Women’s Cancer Handbook and working with SELF’s medical adviser, Henry Lodge, M.D.

Anna has a BSJ and MSJ from Northwestern University and lives in Brooklyn with her fiancé and their kittens, Rocky and Max. Here’s how Anna is making the world a little kinder.

Heather: How does SELF encourage women to be KIND to their bodies, their taste buds, & the world – and why is this so important?

Anna: SELF is all about empowering women to be the best “self” they can be — which includes both taking care of their health and giving back to their communities and the world.

At SELF, we foster this by providing the smartest, most reliable (and fun!) science-based tips we can dig up, and also by encouraging our readers to channel their energy and enthusiasm towards meaningful endeavors. A perfect example of this is our annual Women Doing Good awards, which empowers readers to nominate women (or themselves!) who are changing the world.

Heather: Do you have a favorite KIND snack?

Anna: I love the Blueberry Pecan + Fiber and Almond & Coconut bars – but I can’t say I’ve ever tried a KIND bar I didn’t like!

Heather: What SELFY celebrities inspire you to be KIND to your body and the world?

Anna: I pretty much fell in love with Kristen Bell around the time she was on our February cover. She is such a positive person who balances healthy habits with what seems like a really fun life – and she still takes time to give back and support important causes.

I’m also pretty sure everyone at SELF is obsessed with Beyoncé. The woman is a goddess. She and Jay-Z love to eat at my fiancé’s and my favorite pizza place in Brooklyn, so we’re pretty much destined to become friends, right?

Heather: How does SELF give back and help promote kindness?


One of the things we do at SELF to promote KINDNESS, and one that I’m proudest of, is our Women’s Cancer Handbook— SELF actually co-founded the pink ribbon with Evelyn Lauder 20 years ago, and helping women learn how to take great care of themselves and stay in tune with their bodies, for the sake of prevention and early detection, has been a huge part of our mission ever since.

There’s so much more that we do, though — and I think one of the most consistent ways in which we promote kindness is by speaking to our readers in a kind voice! It sounds simple, but I honestly think our positive, encouraging tone makes our readers feel good instead of bringing them down. I hope the way that we talk to readers translates to positivity in their lives.

Heather: How does being kind impact health and happiness?

Anna: The kinder you are to your body and the world, the happier and more optimistic you are — and there are literally studies out there about how optimistic people are healthier. They even have stronger immune systems! But I think anyone who has ever volunteered or helped a friend move or even done something as simple as helping a stranger carry her groceries can tell you that doing kind things makes you SO happy. It’s very SELFy.


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