The Amazing KINDING Stories of June

June has already proven to be an exciting month full of kindness.  With a brand new site to house our community’s kindness, we anticipated a KIND reaction, but our community’s response has been even stronger than we could have expected!

Thanks to all of our KINDAHOLICS who did something KIND for the environment, we will be able to plant thousands of needed trees.  Behind the tremendous number of KINDAHOLICS who helped us reach our threshold exists a rich pool of stories about how KINDAHOLICS carried out their mission.  Each person who completed the KINDING Mission helped us unlock the BIG KIND Act, and to show our appreciation, we’re sending out KIND Cubes to reward some especially compelling stories.  Check them out!


We bought my sister some trees and helped her plant them in her yard. The kids helped. We hope in will help stop erosion caused by having no plants.
- Sara Sweatman

My son & I went on a “nature walk” & brought along a sac for garbage & debris we found in the neighborhood, along the way. We had a great time enjoying the outdoors & seeing different animals, trees and well … EVERYTHING in our community. We were able to fill a pretty big bag with picked-up trash!! My son asked if when we go for our next walk, we can play clean up again!! It is something SO simple that can have such an BIG impact! And I was amazed at how much fun it was for my little guy! I guess he feel like he’s doing something SUPER BIG – and honestly, HE IS!!
- Ashley Dalton

I planted 3 new trees in my own yard and I helped my neighbor plant 15 new trees in their yard. Hard work, but they certainly have made our neighborhood look a lot nicer.  The neighbor ran out of space and has some extra trees. We are going to plant them at an elderly neighbors home to help shade her house and help her save on those summer electric bills.
- Donna Shelley

I helped my neighbor plant 5 hazelnut trees, 2 tomato plants, a pomegranate tree, and 2 banana trees. So far they are all doing well except for the banana trees, they didn’t make it. We plant trees every year, just a little something to make the earth a better and more beautiful place.
- Bobbie Furgeson

I work for an after school program and i decided to do this mission with the help of the children to get them involved.  we planted flowers in lttle pots and then planted them outside! they loved it so much and it made the school look so great!
- Millie San

I was part of the environmental group which helped the environment grow and develop via the trekking activity and educating the people about the importance of the nature and being part of the group, I have helped the nature regain its importance.
- Rohith Lyer

My Son and I used some scrap wood, nails and wood stain from a house that is being built around the corner (with the permission of the builder). We made Garden boxes for his Preschool to plant vegetables and flowers.
- Shannon MacLean

I just went through our garage to make sure all the recycling was getting out. I was amazed to find 48 folded paper grocery bags, 9 flatened cardboard boxes (from delivered things) and 27 plastic bags! The garage looks neater but still needs some old toys etc. to be donated. Planning on that next week.
- Nancy Powell

Helped clean up the new green space in our town to make our town look more beautiful. While going on walks as a family we pick up trash that people have thrown out of their cars to help make things more beautiful around town too.
- Miranda Collings

As an elementary teacher, I organized a day where students made their own tote bags out of lost and found clothes. It was a great way to reuse those items, and it gave the kids incentive to bring their own bags to the store!
- Kathryn Welch



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