Words of Thanks from March’s BIG KIND Act

This March, KIND had the pleasure of partnering with Baby Buggy to make a BIG KIND Act happen. Because enough KINDAHOLICS lent a helping hand to a parent, KIND delivered hundreds of diapers to mothers in need. Actresses and mothers Tiffani Thiessen and Elisabeth Rohm joined in on the kindness, helping KIND deliver the much needed diapers throughout New York and Los Angeles.

KIND is so touched by the display of kindness that made this BIG KIND Act possible, and saw that the mothers who received the diapers are immensely grateful too! Below are their words of thanks to the entire community (translated into English) in appreciation of your small act of kindness that unlocked so much more:

• “Thank you for your help for all my family. And may God give you more so you can help more families. Thank you!”

• “To whom it may concern. I appreciate all the help that you gave giving us diapers. It’s of great need and help for the families may God bless you. Thank you so much!”

• “My mom wants to give you thank you for this great help.” (The mom was crying and couldn’t write the thank you anymore so she asked her daughter to finish writing the thank you for her. She was so touched by your help and support!)

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