KINDING our way into spring

May’s KIND Tuesday showed yet another flow of kindness from our community.   KINDAHOLICS across the country took the simple challenge of preparing a healthy meal for someone who makes them feel full and transformed this act of kindness into something much bigger.  Beyond the touching and creative ways that our community prepared meals for someone special, their kindness has enabled us to work with the San Francisco and Marin Food Banks to provide thousands with healthful meals.

As always, everyone’s kindness counted in helping us reach our goals, and below are some of our favorite stories from KINDAHOLICS who accepted the KINDING Mission.  We will be sending a KIND Cube to each of the winners below for making us feel very happily full this month:

I have a heart condition and have not been feeling well.  I have an appointment in a week, so my loving husband has done everything and not letting me lift a finger. One night when he came home I had a healthy salmon dinner waiting for him.The smile on his face was priceless.He gives so much for me and I will continue to do what ever I can to do a kind act for someone as special as my husband and pass it along to family friends and a stranger if they let me.
- Monica

My mom has always been the go-to gal in her small community. If someone is ill and needs help, there’s mom. If someone is going through a rough patch, there’s mom. She cooks dinners for elderly women in her town that cannot help themselves and cannot afford to go to a “home” where they can be cared for. The least I could do is make HER a meal. Nothing special, just something SHE didn’t have to make. It was refreshing to be able to help her, after all she has done for friends and family. It made me feel good to be able to say “No, Mom, you can’t help. Just go sit down and we will chat while I make dinner!”
- Colleen

I have a friend who is going through a rough time. We had a LOT of leftover chicken from a barbeque, to I cooked it, put it in a cooler, and gave the whole thing to her. She was so grateful she almost cried.
- Teresa

I have been making meals for an older couple. The wife has Alzheimers’s and the husband is so kind and patient with her. His caring attitude is an inspiration to me!
- Debbie

This week I met a homeless family traveling to the city for work so I invited to have dinner at my home and told them about how they could start anew in this town. They thanked me for dinner and said they will let me know how things work out. They were nice family and I hope to hear from them soon.


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