KINDING Educators for the Benefit of Ill Students

This KIND Tuesday unleashed another generous outpouring of kindness from our community.  The simple mission to write a note of thanks to an educator sparked touching acts of kindness across the country.  Thank you to each and every one of our KINDAHOLICS whose communal kindness has enabled us to bring textbooks to Phoenix Children’s Hospital to benefit children who are too ill to attend school.

Here are just several of our favorite KINDING Stories that were shared which have us even more excited for next KIND Tuesday! We hope that the KIND Cubes we send to the following KINDAHOLIC super stars will fuel them to repeat their kindness next month!


I thank a former teacher/co-worker by visiting her mom a couple of times a week in her assisted living home because I am retired and the daughter is still teaching full time AND coaching the basketball team. We have even enjoyed a KIND bar together. I did not know the mom until this placement and like most times when you do something kind, I am one getting blessed also.
-Kelly Kline Carrizosa

I thank my mother for teaching me to be a strong, smart, single woman who needs to rely on no one (ok maybe my mom at times). I thanked her by taking her out for a day in her favorite place, New York City. We went up to the MET so I could show her some of my favorite works of art and the new American wing. We then had a dinner at a restaurant in midtown and took her shopping in Times Square to end the day.
- Tiffany

A returned missionary who had took leave of teaching school had recently moved in with her daughter, to help with the young ones. one week before they where scheduled to move they had the choice to move in the next day to a bigger home or to lose it. The chose to move so they could all continue to live together. I went that night & started packing. I made 18 phonecalls & fb messages. The next day starting one hour late when the scheduled help left do to some tardiness on the family returning from the walkthrough & breakfast pickup. I brought my family & my eldest & I stayed till 6pm. Other individuals came & went & came back. We did it & were very joyful thoughtout the move. I thank God that day for letting me serve. Robin
-Rw Burdette

Today I thanked the many teachers that I work with. I announced to the class that today was A Day of “KIND”ness and explained your mission. One girl wrote a note to the children in the hospital that you are going to help bring “school” to them. Another 4th grade student delivered her note thanking her 3rd grade teachers and came back to tell me that they cried while reading her touching note. A few of my current students thanked me with a note too. Kids write some powerful thank you notes. Thank you for encouraging everyone to accept this mission of “KIND”ness. As Ellen says, “Be KIND to one another!” Thank you!!!
-Kristina S.

My son goes to a public preschool. Yesterday I send an email to our Senator so they will not cut the budget for the programs. I also sent it to his teacher I read it to her before. She was also my Daughters teacher a few years ago. I have a good relationship with her. Anyway it made her cry because of the things that was in there. This was before I signed up for the Kindness program. Just thought I would share this keepup the good deeds
-Beckie Howe Warger

I sent a note to the educator at Phoenix Children’s Hospital to let her know what a difference she made to me as a new nurse. She has the opportunity to touch and inspire every new nurse who starts their nursing journey at PCH and she certainly inspired me. She knows, that though not in this particular note to her, I am now working on my MSN-Ed (Masters in Nursing Education) and she will always remain a role model to me as I move forward in my nursing career. Here is what I wrote to her: Kathy, I am taking the KIND challenge to send a thank you note to an educator. Yes, I am responding to a request to do so, but actually it is just a good kick in the tush to do something I want to do but never get around to…. It took only a split second for me to think of you when I read the challenge to send words of appreciation to someone who has made a difference in my life through education. You are an educator I will always keep in my minds eye as a great example of classroom demeanor, follow through on commitments, centered wisdom, connection to the students and the use of humor in education. I hope you know the positive impact you make on others, and as a new graduate who was in your GAPP class, I think every person in that classroom would agree with me. Speaking as a new grad nurse, your comittment to helping us all feel welcome, respected, understood and cared for was paramount for making the challenging transition to the floor as a “real nurse” more exciting than terrifying! lol I felt like you really understood what we were all being faced with, thinking in the back of our minds and biting our nails about. Thank you for all you do!!
-Linda B.S.

my mom is the best teacher I know for that I thank her by surprising her with her favorite chocolate.
-Monica Anderson

I sent the following to my favorite highschool English teacher: Dear Lyn, Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your efforts as an educator. While I know it may not have been the most lucrative career, nor did it set you up for the most comfortable retirement, it certainly had value in all the students lives you touched. You encouraged my already desperate love for reading but still pushed me to explore written works outside of my comfort zone. Additionally you provided me an excellent foundation in writing, one that I was able to cultivate further in years following. Those skills served me well both in college, while pursuing a graduate degree, and even now as I prepare grants and communicate with donors. Thank you for always taking an interest in your students and guiding the academic explorations that made us into the people we all are today. All the best, Megan
-Megan M.

For my mission, I sent a “teachers care” bumper sticker, pin and a thank you note with a few kind snacks to my 3 neighbors that are teachers. It definitely made them smile and they all have the stickers on their cars now.
-Coleen Walsh

We gave my son’s teacher a candle as a thank you for being a part of his bright future. =)
-Alea S.


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