KINDAHOLIC, Derek Flanzraich, tells us why KIND is the “Greatist”

This month, we talked with Derek Flanzraich, the CEO and founder of, to learn more about his inspiring work …and his love for KIND!

KIND: Derek, you are the CEO and founder of Greatist. Can you explain what Greatist is for those who may be hearing about it for the first time?

Derek: You bet! Greatist is the web’s trusted and relatable source for health, fitness, and happiness articles, news, and tips. Basically, we write high-quality content (every fact is cited by a PubMed study, every article approved by multiple experts) in a down to earth, fresh, and fun voice. We’re working to inspire and inform the world to make healthier choices.

KIND: What inspired you to create Greatist?

Derek: Greatist was very much born out of personal frustration, as I was having trouble finding an online health and fitness resource that I could trust. I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a place I could turn to for reliable motivation and inspiration to pursue healthier choices. So I started one – one inspired by the not-only-for-profit message.

KIND: How important is it for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Derek: We very much live the life we champion at Greatist and I’m definitely no exception! There’s a reason we have healthy snacks (like fresh fruit and, of course, KIND bars) at the Greatist headquarters and encourage working out at any (and all) times of the day.

KIND: How did you first hear about KIND? Any specific flavor(s) that got you hooked?

Derek: I tried my first KIND bar (Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants) thanks to a gluten-free editor here at Greatist. I was hooked from then on (and not just because they’re the perfect combo snack with some iced green tea or coffee at Starbucks).

KIND: In your opinion, what is something small that we could all do to make the world a little KINDER?

Derek: Laugh more. Things are hilarious. Don’t be afraid to enjoy them!

Now that’s our KIND of advice! Many thanks to Derek for chatting with KIND this month and please make sure to check out for great articles and tips on how to be KIND to your body and discover your healthiest and happiest self!

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