Sometimes out of sight, but never out of KIND!

Sometimes, it can be difficult to thank people who work behind the scenes to make our lives safer and all around better. But this month, KINDAHOLICS across the country showed us just how easy expressing gratitude can be! Thousands of KINDAHOLICS expressed their gratitude to someone who serves (be it a member of the military, a firefighter or a helpful friend) and in turn, KIND is partnering with Operation Gratitude to deliver care packages to hundreds of hospitalized, recovering veterans.

We are so thankful for the collective kindness of our community that has enabled us to unlock this Big KIND Act. Read below to see some great stories from KINDAHOLICS about how they carried out their KINDING Mission. To show our thanks, we will be sending KIND Cubes to each of the story sharers below! Thank you to the entire KINDAHOLIC community for making another Big KIND Act become a reality.


My cousin Danny is a firefighter in North Carolina, and I live all the way in Chicago and don’t get to see him a lot during the years, Being and living in Chicago and living in the city I constantly hear fire sirens going off to the rescue and think of him every time I hear them and send him good thoughts and the fact that he is putting his life on the line for others. Today I sent him a message letting him know how proud and grateful I am for him. Thanks KIND for giving us these Missions and the chance to be extra KIND! Newcomer and proud member of the KIND movement!!!!!
-Mr. Beckman




I am very grateful to my brother Joe, a Navy verteran, who has always looked out for me; I’ve called him and thanked him for his support and love.
-Pauline F.




I met a Veteran, John, who had served in the Persian Gulf War one day while I was visiting my local library. He asked me for change so we started talking… He was telling me that he was homeless, staying in a shelter and how difficult it was for him to navigate the Dept of Social Services. I ended up treating him to dinner as well as giving him a ride back to his shelter. I also met up with John a few days later and accompanied him to the Dept of Social Services and assisted him with completing the applications he needed so he could obtain assistance. I also assisted him with applying for Social Security Benefits as well as with the Red Tape associated with The VA. John is now on his way to “Feeling human” (his words) again. I am still in touch with John as he was able to obtain a free cell-phone through a program. He is now able to rent a room in a safe neighborhood, afford groceries & necessities. I am so thankful that I was able to help John as he gave up so much to defend & protect my freedom. It was the least I could do. I also made a very good friend!
-Debbie B.








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