The Diet P.I., KIND’s New Special Investigator, Speaks with everyone’s favorite Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, about what it really means to be KIND

KIND special investigator, The Diet P.I. (Heather K. Jones), Registered Dietitian, author of Good Housekeeping Drop 5 Pounds, The Salt Solution, and What’s Your Diet Type?, is teaming up with KIND to  question KINDAHOLICS, health experts, and more in order to uncover the best ways for you to be KIND to your body, your taste buds, & the world!


 KIND Special Investigation: Hungry Girl

Lisa Lillien (AKA the Hungry Girl) isn’t a nutritionist. She’s just hungry! In addition to the one million fans who subscribe to her daily e-mails packed with “tips and tricks for hungry chicks,” Lisa also reaches millions more with weekly columns on and Yahoo!, and a popular cooking show on Food Network. Lisa’s not only a New York Times bestselling author; she’s also a KINDAHOLIC! Here are some Hungry Girl clues on how to do the KIND thing for your body, your taste buds, & the world!

Q.  How does being KIND to your body help you reach everyday health goals?

A. We need to be KIND to our bodies — they’re obviously super-important to us! And we only have one body… and we want it to last for a long time, right?

Q.  What are your top tips for being KIND to your taste buds?

A. I love finding foods that taste great that won’t pack on pounds. I have a lot of cravings and so I love to eat a wide variety of things to satisfy them…  and I love to share my finds in my Hungry Girl e-newsletter ( and on my show (

Q.  Do you have a favorite KIND bar?

A. Hmmmmm… I actually have many! I LOVE Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew +AntioxidantsFruit & Nut Delight — and Almond & Apricot. I also pretty much love anything with cranberries!!!

Q.  How do you try to make the world a KINDER place?

A.  I work closely with Project Angel Food (, a Los Angeles-based charity. The awesomely cool Hungry Girl van is used to deliver thousands of nutritious meals (at no cost) to seriously ill, homebound folks in the Los Angeles area. My pals at Project Angel Food have been doing amazing work since 1989. In their 18 years of service, they’ve delivered over 5 million meals!

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