Do the KIND Thing starts 2012 with a bang!

This month, we received hundreds of amazing stories describing how you carried out January’s KINDING Mission, proving that our KINDAHOLIC community has really raised the bar for 2012! Every single person who did something nice for someone who has helped them take a big step has enable us to unlock the Big KIND Act.  Thanks to you, we will be delivering 5,000 pairs of shoes to adults and children in need.

Below are some of our favorite stories about how our KINDAHOLICS carried out their KINDING Mission.  As a thank you for sharing your stories, we will be giving a KIND Cube to each of the following KINDAHOLICS.  Thank you to everyone for accepting the mission, sharing your story, and for helping us make the world a bit kinder!


I asked my husband for my Christmas present to be a budget to redecorate my mother in laws bedroom. I completely redecorated her room, which she has been wanting to do for years but hasn’t had the time or money to do it. We surprised her with the project and she was completely shocked and happy. We took down old wall paper and repainted her room and bought new bedding and made curtains and brought in new shelving units and a ottoman for the end of her bed for extra storage. She does so much with helping us with our new kids that I felt we needing to do something really special for her.





I prepared “goodie” bags for the ladies at the church I attend and put them under the Christmas tree at church. Each bag had a thank you note, a small silk bag with items such as a purse size tissue pack, lip balm, notepad, individual snacks, etc. It gave me great pleasure and joy to surprise these dear ladies and thank them for the kindness they have shown me.

- Mary M.




My husband had a very hard day at work yesterday and I knew about what time he would be home. He was home about midnight… so when he walked in the door his dinner was hot and I had a hot cup of tea ready for him. Usually I do can not stay up that late let alone have anything ready for him, but I wanted to be kind!

- Heather




Though I’m a middle child and VERY independent, my parents worry about me constantly since I live alone and 450 miles away from them. Since I’m currently unemployed and had the spare time, I made a surprise Christmas visit this year to thank them for their unfailing support. Rather than suggest I move back in with them, they have sacrificed their own funds to make sure my bills are covered so I can remain living in an area I have come to love. I couldn’t ask for a better example and I strive daily to live the values they taught me: that love is a more precious commodity than material possessions.

- Laura



My BFF has been going through some rough times with her family. I sent her a box of household items to make things a little easier. I just want things to be easier for her. I check on her daily. She has been there for me ANY time of day with love and acceptance. She is the most loving and kind (no pun intended) person I know.

- Jenn P.

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