A record breaking month of KINDING

This month, we asked people to send a thank you note to someone who protects them, and we saw an overwhelming response.  Furthermore, in many cases, we saw people give much, much more than a thank you note.

This month brought about an unprecedented number of KINDING Missions completed, and with that, came an unprecedented number of stories that people shared, describing their individual KINDING experience.  Although it was difficult to choose, check out some of our favorites below!

“I sent a thank you note to a veteran that lives near me. He was caught in an explosion in the Iraqi was a few years ago. My note was much appreciated by him and it felt really good to do it.”

- David W.

“Just complete the KIND mission for today. A thank you note to a local police officer. He takes time out of his day to visit my sons’ school and have lunch with various classes. Now my boys recognize him around town. A good thing!”


“My story starts in a Walgreens pharmacy. I had just gotten out of the E.R and needed to pick up some medicines that were prescribed to me. A young man was in line in front of me and he was trying to obtain his antibiotic and pain medications, but he didn’t have enough money to pay for them. He was 10 dollars short. Everyone in line just stood there and looked at him. No one else wanted to help him, but I did. I paid for his medications in full and he smiled at me, with tears in his eyes. He said that he didn’t have any money, but asked if he could repay me with a hug. I took that hug and have never forgotten that young man nor to help when I can.”

-Victoria F.

“I went out to lunch with some friends. In the restaurant that we went to there were six local police officers and an entire swat team. I did not have a note card so I wrote my thank you on a napkin. When I got up my courage I went over to the six local police officers and explained that I was on a KINDING Mission and that I wanted to thank them for protecting all of us. They shook my hand, thanked me for acknowledging them. It really felt good. I look forward to the next mission. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the KINDING Mission.”

-Susie R.

“I sent a card to my family friend who is overseas and thanked him for all that he does for our country. He was really surprised and wrote a very nice thank you note on my facebook wall.  Just a simple “thank you” can go a LONG way! :)

-Monique D.

“I brought a plate of homemade cupcakes to the EMR guys in our emergency department… (our ambulance service).  I wanted to thank them for everything they do for our patients before they get to the hospital.”

-Johanna B.

“My husband and I took a basket of kind bars to our neighborhood Fire Department and EMTs to thank them for protecting not only us but our community in times of fire and injury!! They loved the gift and was quite surprised!!”

-Amy A.

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