The KIND Food Truck Says Farewell to New York City…!

After four whirlwind weeks, the KIND Food Truck is finally rolling out of the Big Apple. As we say goodbye to the bright lights of New York City and make our way towards Philadelphia, we want to look back on some of the highlights of our time here in the city that doesn’t sleep…but certainly loves to eat!

There’s no doubt that New Yorkers are an on-the-go bunch! Between working hard and playing hard, it can be difficult to get your hands on the right KIND of snack that’s both healthy AND tasty. This is where the KIND Food Truck entered the scene, KINDING commuters on their ways to and from work, catching them just when those cravings for less healthy options like “street meat” and “breakfast bagels” hit and helping them fill UP without filling OUT. From Rockefeller Center to Time Square, Central Park and back, delighted New Yorkers flocked to the KIND Food Truck exclaiming “we love your bars!”

And it wasn’t all just about eating…we discovered that in a celebrity-packed city like Manhattan, folks are hardly camera shy! New Yorkers could not get enough of the KIND Photo Booth – and were thrilled to send funny photo greetings to their friends… as well as a free KIND bar! All in all, kindness was in no short supply and Manhattanites proved that they know how to Do the KIND Thing, crowding the truck on KIND Tuesday to receive colorful tulips to carry out the KINDING Mission!

We’ll miss you, New York – but here’s looking forward to the KIND Food Truck’s next stop…Philly, here we come! Make sure to watch for where we’ll be by headed next by following @KINDsnacks on Twitter.

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