Talk to Yourself! KIND Founder, Daniel Lubetzky, Delivers Graduation Address at his Alma Mater, Trinity University

This past week, our founder and CEO, Daniel Lubetzky, was honored to have the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at the graduation ceremony of his Alma Mater, Trinity University.

Looking out amongst the audience of young eager minds about to embark on the next chapter of their lives, Daniel urged graduates to “Make the explicit point to TALK WITH YOURSELF. To ask yourself questions. TO UNDERSTAND YOURSELF.  To figure out what it is that you are most passionate about.” Daniel reminded us all that knowing what makes you happy and gives you meaning is among the most important things – and posed the question “why is it that so many go their entire lives without considering it?” Good question!

As someone who has followed his passion and founded companies like KIND that strive to change the world for the better – Daniel can attest to the truth that “once you find and do what you love, your success is guaranteed – because every day pursuing that which you care about will provide you the fulfillment.”

Please watch the video below for Daniel’s full speech and we hope you’ll be inspired to talk to yourself! You may just be the next nut out there that changes this world for the better…

Daniel Lubetzky Trinity Commencement Speech 2011

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