Fresh off the Press: KINDING Stories!

Our Team was blown away by how many KINDAHOLICS participated in April’s KIND Tuesday, and even more so by those who shared their stories. We will be posting various KINDAHOLIC experiences over the coming days to keep the KINDness alive throughout the entire month. ┬áCheck out the first ones below!

I gave a bouquet of pink tulips to one of my good friends. He loves the earth so much and always reminds his friends to recycle, reduce power consumption and care for the environment. He also produces beautiful art works inspired by Earth. I was so happy to surprise him with the flowers! He was also surprised and happy, it was a really nice moment that we shared!
- Kimberly R.

Our daffodils are blooming right now, so our 9 year old son and I cut a few flowers and watched for our retired neighbor to bring her recycling container out. Colt told her that we were giving her flowers and a KIND bar and making her day brighter because she was making our world brighter by recycling. These KIND missions are a fun way to teach our kids about being kind to others. Fun! Thank you :)
- Cindy A.

Yesterday I gave a rose to my mom for the Kinding Mission day. She said “it’s not mother’s day yet, and not my birthday, what is the occasion?” And I said “Mom this is for always being so environmentally conscious. Even when it wasn’t ‘in’ to be that way I remember you were always conscious of wasting of resources and taught me as a kid to not take for granted our planet and its resources, not litter, recycle, and not waste water and electricity, etc. This rose is for that!”. She was so excited and happy and completely flattered. It was great! Thanks for the missions and to KIND for being so environmentally conscious and bringing that consciousness to all of us!
- Mina M.

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