KINDAHOLICS Bring the Gift of Art to Sick Girls and Boys

Our KINDAHOLICS have done it again – more than 300 of them rose to the challenge and carried out March’s KINDING Mission. And because of their kindness, the hearts of sick children were lifted through the healing power of art.

(Click below to experience March’s BIG KIND Act)

On March 10, we partnered with The Art of Elysium team to host an interactive art workshop for patients in the pediatric wing at Los Angeles’ Kaiser Permanente hospital. We spent the morning working with the children and their families as they decorated canvas tote bags that they could forever carry as a reminder of the special day.

Later that afternoon, we wheeled through the halls of the hospital with wagons full of art kits to deliver to children who couldn’t make it out of their rooms. Inside each hospital room, we were greeted with excited smiles from the children and heartfelt words of thanks from their parents – all expressing that the simple gift of art provided a positive moment in an otherwise difficult day.

We walked away uplifted by the experience of watching kids who carry the weight of serious illness simply get to be kids for an afternoon. And in every personal exchange, we were reminded of the fact that our KINDAHOLICS’ kindness allowed these children to trade in their pain for smiles and laughter. Thank you again for Doing the KIND Thing and please join us for next month’s KINDING Mission in order to make another BIG KIND Act happen!

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