KINDING Mission: Possible!

Leave it to KINDAHOLICS to show us the power of kindness! More than 100 of our devoted KINDAHOLICS took part in this month’s KINDING mission and gave a warm beverage to a caretaker in their community!

Your responses overwhelmed us, and proved that together we can create an undercurrent of kindness with the potential to sweep the nation. Below is just a sampling of some of the kindness you shared in emails, tweets and facebook posts…..

• I plan on giving a hot beverage to all the volunteers of The Hugs Project–these faithful volunteers send 50 to 60 boxes of “care” to our troops every week–and 4,000 were sent at Christmas! They deserve a hot beverage kindness for sure! – Dr. Billye Peterson

• I bought Kind bars from the health food store and WAS GOING TO give hot tea and coffee to THE CROSSING GUARDS at the schools near me in Garfield Hts., Ohio, but since school was closed, I had to to revise it and share it with the people in our shopping strip! They enjoyed it and I hope to do that for the guards when school reopens tomorrow. – Jacquie Sopko

• I took hot chocolate and cookies to 5 wonderful employees at the Nighttime Pediatrics in Pasadena, MD who are always kind to everyone. They were surprised, and then – delighted! – Donna Roberts

• I gave hot coffee to a nurse anesthetist today (and hot cocoa to two children). :) - Jennifer Ayers-Gould

Two happy doormen get KINDED on KIND Tuesday!

In recognition of this kindness, on Feb. 10th, the KIND team will give new, warm coats (with KIND bars in the pockets, per your suggestion!) to 100 homeless New Yorkers in need. Stay tuned to the KIND Blog to learn more, and be sure to sign up for next month’s challenge here:

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