KINDAHOLIC, Grace Kim, feels good about her family’s healthy addiction!


Q: How do you keep KIND handy for when hunger strikes?

A: I keep KIND on me at all times! I’ve got KIND stashed in the cupboards, cars, purses, and at the office.
Q: What is an unexpected KIND act you’ve recently done for someone else?
A: Instead of talking about a KIND act that I’ve done, I want to turn the tables a little and talk about what KIND has done for us. My son attends a new public school and unfortunately, the school didn’t have the funds for classroom assistants. We held our first fundraiser, a walkathon for the kids, and KIND was kind enough to donate enough snacks for all the students to enjoy after they ran/walked up to 5 miles. We were able to raise over $17,000 to help pay for in–class tutors and enrichment activities. KIND was the perfect combination of taste and nutrition for K‐5 students who needed to fuel up after the walkathon.
Q: In your opinion, what is it that makes KIND so special?
A: KIND is not only healthy, but also yummy, and you can actually see what you are eating. KIND offers a wide variety of flavors and health benefits, including the fact that it’s a low GI bar – which is so awesome for our son who is type I diabetic!
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